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The Childs Hill Library offers many interesting opportunities for volunteering around the community. The opportunities offered range from helping in the library to gardening and arts and crafts. The opportunities are available to teenagers around the community. If you wish to sign up you can go to this link,


Childs Hill Library is your hub for getting involved in the community. Whether you are a new family just getting started or a long-time resident, we have activities meant for you. Learn a new skill with Men in Sheds or our Knitting and Crochet group, or just come join us for Baby Rhyme Time or Coffee Morning for over 55s. Any age group, any interest, all are welcome. Want to register an activity? Let us know. Don’t know what the options are? Click on the Activities tab above to check out the activities and events in the community. Not a hacker or even comfortable around computers? Have no fear, join us Tuesday at 11 for our Social Morning with Computer help!

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Fill out a short online from to get a Barnet library card. A library card allows you to utilise all services provided by the library such as computer use and book borrowing.

Manage and view Barnet Library Services at the Catalogue home. Search for books and events across the Barnet Library network or manage your Barnet Library Card.

With a library card you are able to access many online services such as educational resources, online newspapers, biographies or encyclopedias. These online resources are available to access 24/7 and are all free of charge with a library card. The online services can be accessed through the Barnet website. Important online practice tests are also available for free with your library card. These include practice driving tests and practice British citizenship tests.

Here, there is a photocopier and a printer for public use. You can also borrow books for free as long as they are returned on time. You can also use the garden space with a green house for free if permitted. There is also a meeting room that accommodates fifteen people that is available to be used for meetings or clubs for free. If you would like to enquire about the use of these facilities please contact the library staff.

Child’s Hill Library is supported and run by Kisharon in conjunction with Barnet Council. Kisharon is a British charity aimed at helping all people with learning disabilities. Kisharon operates activities and charitable ventures from Child’s Hill Library such as cycle repair and drop off run by Equal Bikes. For more information about Kisharon go to

There are educational student and life skills resources available at Child’s Hill Library. This includes resources for support with technology, guides to Excel and Microsoft Office and help with Apple and Android products. Educational resources include KS3, GCSE and A level textbooks as well as question books for most subjects. There are also guides to revision and guides to staying safe online.

If you are interested in volunteering at here there are many areas where you can help. If you like working with children, there are many children’s clubs in which volunteers are needed. Additional help is needed in the Gardening Club. You could volunteer with computer help sessions or help to share your skills in the Men in Sheds club. During opening hours, help shelving books and organizing the books is always needed. There is a simple process to start volunteering. If you are interested, start with this from: